Service Catalog

Service Catalog


IT Services supports a variety of services to faculty and students to further the University's academic and research missions, including classroom support, learning management, and research support.

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Audio/Video Consulting
Audio/Video Creation
Audio/Video Equipment Leasing and Delivery
Dell Optiplex GX780 Desktop
Media Classrooms
USITE Classrooms
Audio Recording
Audio and Video Editing
3D Modelling
Chalk Learning Management System
Digital Media Services
Photo Rosters
Public Computing (USITE)
Research Admin Systems
Digital Media Consultation and Development
Video Streaming
Lecture Video Services



These general offerings provide services ranging from computer sales to television to the IT Service Desk.

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UChicago Mobile App
Virtual Server Hosting
Fee-Based Computer Support
Dell Optiplex GX780 Desktop
Dell Latitude E4310 Laptop
Dell Latitude E5510 Laptop
Dell Latitude E4310 Laptop Bundle
Dell Latitude E5510 Laptop bundle
21.5" iMac
27" iMac
13" MacBook Pro
15" MacBook Pro
Physical Server Hosting
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
Analog Fax Line
UChicago Fax (Electronic Fax, One-Fax)
Authorization Code (Authcode)
Non University of Chicago phone line
Individual Voicemail Mailbox
Auto Attendant Application
Voicemail Broadcast
Customized Training
Online Directory
Speech Recognition Directory
Google Search Appliance
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Web Express
Multimedia Content Coordination
UChicago Sites
Departmental Web Design & Creation
Web-based Surveys
High-Performance Data Storage
Hardware and Software Sales
Software Site Licensing
Web Proxy
Mobile website/application consulting
Computer and Printer Repair
Computer and Software Sales and Licensing
Computer Leasing
Directories and Information
eCommerce Infrastructure
Event Calendar
Faxing Services
Enterprise Storage Services
IT Service Desk
Mobile Application Development and Consulting
myUChicago Portal
Network Advice and Assistance
Public Computing (USITE)
Remote Site Connectivity
Server Backup and Recovery
Server Provisioning and Hosting
Technology Recycling
Web Development, Hosting, and Resources
DELETE THIS PAGE - Storage and Backup Services
Backup & Recovery Services
High Performance Server Storage
Central File Storage
Server Backup & Recovery
Vault Collaborative Storage Services
Voice - Business Continuity
Red Emergency Phones
Web Content Analysis & Metrics Report
Digital Signage


These services provide the University with ways of uniquely identifying members of the University (electronically and via identity cards), and methods for controlling access to services using passwords and group restrictions.  Additionally, ITS operates a central IT Security group to protect the University's networks and machines from malicious computer attacks and network harassment.

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Authentication Services
GNetID Program
Trusted Agent Program (TAG)
DNS resolution
Host registration
ID Cards
Active Directory (UCAD)
Application Penetration Testing
IT Security Incident Management
Password Escrow
Access Management
Identity Management
IT Security
Eligibility Bridging and Extension
Campus Card
2Factor Authentication


In collaboration with key business owners and stakeholders IT Services delivers the core administrative systems and applications for the University. These system support key functional units such as Admissions and Financial Aid, Research Administration,  Campus and Student Life, Financial Services, Human Resources, etc.  The core administrative areas, and the major applications in those areas, are listed below.

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Financial Reporting System (IRF/Business Objects)
Payroll and HR Reporting Systems (IRF/Business Objects)
Academic Career Opportunities
AURA - Grant Management (Grant Proposals and Awards)
AURA GX - Grant Request (Grant Express)
Account Create/Cost Transfer System (ACCTS)
Payroll Expense Transfer System (PETS)
Financial Accounting System (FAS)
Accounts Payable System (APS)
General Expense Management System (GEMS)
AURA-Grants Reporting (Research/Business Objects)
Direct Payment Voucher System (DPV)
Property Management System (PMS)
Payroll System (Payroll/Personnel System)
Benefits Management System (BMS)
Employee Self Service (ESS, Benefits Management)
UChicago Time (aka Time and Attendance)
Student Reporting Systems (Student/Business Objects)
Bursars Cashiering System
Financial Aid System (PowerFAIDS)
Undergraduate Admissions System (Slate)
Classroom Scheduling (AdAstra)
Electronic Course Catalog (Leepfrog)
Student Information System (Gargoyle)
Housing System (StarRez)
Recreational Management System (Fusion)
SEVIS International Credential System (fsaATLAS)
Online Staff Access
Online Faculty Access
Facilities Services Work Order Request
Space Information Management System (SIMS)
Building Automation Systems (BAS)
Alumni Development Systems (Griffin)
Document Management and Imaging (cEikon)
Facilities Systems
Financial Systems
Human Resources Systems
Reporting Systems (Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence)
Research Admin Systems
Student Systems
AURA-IRB Reporting (Research/Business Objects)
AURA-Grants Reporting (Research/Business Objects)
Budget Planning and Management
Delphi Planning
Expense Management (GEMS) Reporting
AURA-COI Reporting (Conflict of Interest)
GEMS Reporting System


IT Services provides a number of ways for members of the University to collaborate with each other and with people from other institutions, ranging from email to conferencing to file sharing.

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Alumni Email Forwarding
Web Hosting
Email Routing and Filtering