Custom Application and Web Development Service Calls

Custom application development and one call website design focused on improving efficiency and customer experience

As part of our full-service call center offering, One Call Concepts provides customized application development as well as website development services. We leverage our industry knowledge and software development strengths to identify and create solutions that solve your operational challenges. 

Our technology team designs and builds a website for each regional organization that fits within the branding of the state's one call website. We also provide an extensive catalog of in-house software, including:

  • MSL mapping libraries – Solutions for desktop and Web clients, backend GIS servers, ESRI/ArcGIS compatibility, and GIS data import and export
  • COMMS libraries – Interfaces for Web services, IVR, FTP email, fax, modem, and printers
  • Database libraries – Interfaces for providing fault-tolerant, high-availability, redundant data storage independent of backend database technologies
  • Web services – Interfaces for dynamic page generation, XML clients and servers
  • System development frameworks – Logging/reporting services, screen generation technologies, networking, TCP/X interclient communication

Our technology team also offers custom application development to benefit our one call center customers. Our developers build low-cost, high-quality software solutions that solve customers’ unique problems.

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